How to Edit a Landing Page

Learn how to edit a landing page on Maestro.

From the Editor:

  • Hover over the Content section and click Edit

There are four content options to choose from:

1. Add Video - Add a video or videos to your landing page.

  • Click Add Video to open the video library modal. Click the "Use" button to add it to your landing page. Add as many videos as you'd like.

2. Add Playlist - Add a previously created playlist of videos to your landing page.

  • Click Add Playlist to open the playlist library modal. Click the "Use" button to add a playlist to your landing page. Add as many as you'd like.

3. Add Spotlight - Add a linkable image with text. Image will link out to a video or channel.

  • Click Add Spotlight. Add your image and spotlight text. Text will appear over the image, left aligned.
  • Toggle Image Gradient* on or Off.
    • Note - the gradient is a directional change in the intensity or color in an image.
  • If you're adding a linked video or channel, click the tabs to choose your content.
  • Add Button Text - a Clickable Button will appear with your chosen text.

4. Add Channels - Add navigation buttons to your Channels. Channels will display a LIVE marker when Live.

  • Click Add Channels
  • Add a Row Title (will appear above the row of channels, left aligned)
  • Click Add Channel
  • Select the Channels you’d like to add using the plus icon (you can add more than one channel to the row)
  • Click Save in the top right corner.

Once you are finished building your landing page, don't forget to click "Done" on the far right of the content bar.

Then, click  on the top right corner of your screen to push the changes live.
  • In Editor after you’ve clicked you can:
    • Make changes to a row by clicking the edit icon in the top left corner of the row.
    • Remove a row, click the X in the top right corner of the row 
    • Rearrange rows, simply drag and drop.
  • Click Save and Publish after each change

The editor with a Landing Page works the same as Channels. You can edit the navigation, sidebar, logo, etc. To understand the difference between Channels and Landing Pages, click here.