What is the Difference Between Live Channels and Pages?

The main difference between live channels and pages is that live channels are geared toward creating interactive, live experiences and pages are geared toward creating offline experiences.

What is a Live Channel?

A live channel is a space on your Maestro site where your live experiences will occur. However, they can hold a mix of both live and video on demand (VOD) content. Channels can be set to TV, image, or grid mode.

  • TV Mode: The live channel will contain a video player, displaying the content set by the user to play. This can be a single video that will loop or a playlist. This is an excellent way to feature a sizzle reel or hype videos before and after your event.
  • Image Mode: The live channel will display a large graphic. With this mode, you can display an image that tells viewers when to attend the live stream, thanking them for their purchase, an infographic...the options are endless!
  • Grid Mode: The live channel will display a list of video content, similar to a YouTube channel.

When a stream goes live via scheduled content or streaming directly (via RTMP or Maestro Studio), the channel will flip into live mode. You and your Viewers will see a "LIVE" indicator, and then resume its offline state when the stream is over.

What is a Page?

A Page is where you can build a video website. It features a mix of row types (video, text, image, FAQ, playlist, spotlight, channel list, and more) that users can select from. The landing page will never contain live content, meaning you'll be unable to schedule content or add a live stream to a page. 

Note: Overlays and sidebars will NOT appear on landing pages. 

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