How to Set Up Channels

Learn the basics of setting up channels in Maestro.

Channels enable you to host multiple streams concurrently and create segmented experiences all within one seamless video destination. They serve as your broadcasting home base where your audience can access your live or VOD content.

On Maestro, channels can be personalized to match your brand, add engaging panels, or broadcast overlays over your stream.

How to Create a New Channel

Creating your first channel is easy. In fact, you can create a channel in just a couple of minutes

  1. Click "Channels" from the menu on the left-hand side of your Maestro dashboard
  2. Click "Create a Channel" at the top of the channel settings bar
  3. Select your Channel Type (we'll discuss Channel Types in more detail below)
  4. Click on the text field at the top left of the screen that says “New Page” to re-name your Channel.
  5. Within the Channels tab, click on "Settings" to set your Channel Slug (e.g.
  6. Hit "Save", then "Publish" to push the changes live.

Note: You also now have the ability to search through the Channels you've created.

Channel Types

There are two main types of channels on Maestro, Channels and Landing Pages.

A Channel is the primary Live format, and may also utilize VOD content. Channels can be set to either TV or Grid Mode. When a stream goes live via Scheduled Content or Stream (direct to Maestro), the live content will takeover the video player, and then resume its Offline Video state when the stream is over.

A Landing Page is an offline format for VOD content only. The Landing Page lets you add modular rows of content including Video, Playlist, Spotlight images, and Channels. The landing page will never have live content, meaning you cannot schedule a video or stream to it. Overlays will NOT appear on landing pages. However, you can add a Sidebar to your landing page for information and interactivity.

How to Set a Channel

  1. Click "Channels" from your admin bar
  2. Click on the channel you’d like to make the home channel
  3. Click on "Settings" in the menu on the left
  4. Click "Set Home Page" in the top right of the window
  5. Click "Publish" to push the changes live.
  6. Your Home channel will be indicated by the Home icon:   

Adding Video

There are two ways to set up VOD content on your Channel: TV Mode and Grid Mode. 

  • TV Mode: when a user lands on the Channel, the Offline Video will start from the beginning and display controls.
  • Grid Mode: when a user lands on the Channel, they will see a grid of videos and playlists they can select from. Selecting a video will start the video from the beginning and display controls. 


To get started, add an Offline Video to your Channel with the following steps:

  1. Click "Channels" from the Admin navigation bar
  2. Click on the edit icon next to the desired channel and scroll down to the Offline section
  3. Click either "TV" or "Grid Mode"
  4. Click "Add Video" or "Add Playlist" (Note: If you already have a video added click Change Video; if you already have a playlist selected click Change Playlist)
  5. Select your video or playlist by clicking image-png-Apr-25-2022-09-29-17-14-PM from the Library or Add Video/Create Custom Playlist
  6. Once the video is selected, click "Publish" to push the changes live

For additional information on streaming, please refer to our How to Go Live Guide.