How to Set Up Live Channels

Learn the basics of setting up live channels in Maestro.

Live channels enable you to host multiple streams at one time and create segmented experiences all within one seamless video destination. They are the spot on your site where your audience can access your live content.

On Maestro, live channels can be personalized to match your brand. Plus, you can add panels or broadcast overlays over your stream to boost engagement.

How to Create a New Live Channel

Creating your first channel is easy. In fact, you can create a live channel in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Click the navigation bar at the top of the page

  2. Click at the top of the dropdown, and the new live channel will be created, the channel settings modal will open, and the channel will be in the editor state

  3. In the channel settings modal, change the name of your live channel (Note: The URL to this channel will automatically populate based on your name, but you can also customize it further if necessary)

  4. Optional: Change the live channel thumbnail to customize the visual representation of your live channel on your Maestro site
    1. Dimensions for this thumbnail are 640x360px. This thumbnail will be displayed on channel navigation and the channel navigation panel on live channels, or a channel list block on pages.

  5. Optional: Change the base language of this live channel for caption generation

  6. Optional: Add SEO information to your Maestro site (a short description, keywords, and/or an image)
  7. If needed, you can also delete channels from the channel settings modal by clicking the "DELETE CHANNEL" button at the bottom of the modal
  8. Once you've completed making updates to the channel settings, be sure to push the changes live by clicking the yellow "PUBLISH" button at the top right of the page

How to Set a Live Channel as the Home Page

Setting a Live Channel as a Home Page ensures that any user accessing your site from the URL (either a custom URL or will see the set home page first.

To set a specific live channel as your home page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the navigation bar at the top of the page

  2. Use the three dots on the channel or page that you wish to set as the home page, and click "Set as Home"
  3. Home pages are indicated by this icon:

Hosting Content on a Live Channel

Live channels can host both offline and live content. It can host offline content as a looping video, or playlist. Live channels can also be set to play a recorded video live in order to simulate a live stream.

  • Video Mode: When a user lands on the channel, the offline video or playlist will start from the beginning and display controls.

    A Maestro Live Channel in TV Mode

Note: The Offline Indicator is letting you know that no stream is currently active, and your site is currently in Offline Mode.

  • Image Mode: When a user lands on the channel, they will see an image of your choosing instead of a video player.

    A Maestro Live Channel in Image Mode

To get started, add a video or image to your Maestro site with the following steps:

  1. Click "Content" from the admin bar
  2. At the bottom of the page and find the Offline section and choose Grid, TV, or Image Mode based on your use case

  3. For video, click "Add Video" or "Add Playlist" (Note: If you already have a video added, click "Change Video." If you already have a playlist selected, click "Change Playlist.")
  4. Select your video or playlist by clicking image-png-Apr-25-2022-09-29-17-14-PM from the library or add a video/create a custom playlist
    • For more information on uploading VODs, click here
    • For more information on creating a playlist, click here
  5. For images, click "Upload Image" to upload a new asset or click "Library" to choose an image previously added to your library (Note: the dimensions needed for this asset are 1920x1080)

  6. When complete, be sure to click the yellow button at the top right of the page to push the changes live

For additional information on streaming, please refer to our How to Go Live Guide.

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