How to Customize Your Paywall Receipt

Learn how to customize your paywall receipt on Maestro.

When a user purchases a ticket or subscription by creating a paywall on your site, they'll receive a receipt confirming their purchase.

You can use the "Receipt" section to:

  1. Customize your receipt Name and Image
  2. Add "Access Instructions" help text (200 character max)
  3. Add a support email (which is required)
  4. Add a link

Here's how you can customize your paywall receipt:

  1. Navigate to the "Settings" section in the Admin navigation bar:
  2. Select "Receipts"
  3. Basic Receipt Customization
    • Add your "Customer Name" (your publicly facing business or event name)
    • Add a "Customer Logo" (max size: 200x200)
    • Add a short text blurb

  4. Support Contact Settings
    1. Add a "Support Email" (required)
    2. Add a "Support website/link" (optional)

Note: If you are paying for Maestro Viewer Support, these fields are not required. Additionally, you will not be able to use "" domain names in these fields unless you are paying for Maestro Viewer Support.