How to Filter Users by Tickets and Subscriptions

Learn how to filter users by tickets and subscriptions in the Community dashboard.

Logged-in users, including users with access to tickets and subscriptions, can be found in the Community dashboard. If you're looking for information on a specific viewer, you can filter this data based on tickets or subscriptions. Here's how:

  1. Open the Community dashboard from the admin navigation bar
  2. Under "Filters," select the "Channel" and the "Time" (You can leave these as the default if you would like a list of all users)
  3.  Click "Select Property" to filter by users with Access Codes or Entitlements
  4. The user list will display all users who have access to that entitlement 

To export the list, click the Export Results button. You can check out our dedicated guide to learn more about exporting user lists.

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