How To Set Up Quest Rewards


Maestro offers three different reward type. Regardless of the type, the following fields must be filled out:

  • Reward = Text that appears in the reward box, notifying users of the reward 
  • Claimed Message = Message users received when they have claimed or submitted an entry


  • This reward type rewards a user with a code they can use off Maestro. For example, a discount code to a store or on a subscription. 
  • To set up this reward, you must provide your Account Manager with a CSV of the codes 


  • This reward type allows users to submit an entry for a chance to win a prize
  • You may export the list of raffle entries and reward users outside of the Maestro platform 
  • Only one entry per user is allowed 


  • This reward type allows you to reward users with an item directly into their linked account.  For example, if the user is logged in with their Microsoft account, they can claim an in-game skin. 
  • This reward type requires technical set up on the client side to enable fulfillment and requires the user to be authenticated with an account linked to the client reward system.