How to Customize Your Global Navigation Bar

Learn how to build a sleek Global Navigation as well as custom navigation for every Page and Live Channel in your Maestro site

At the top of each Page or Live Channel in your Maestro site, you have the option to add Global Navigation enabling your users to navigate within your site, or to external links.

To configure your navigation bar, open the editor on the page or channel that you’d like to edit by clicking “Edit Page/Channel” in the top right corner. 

Then, click the gear icon in the Global Navigation section to configure it. 

A modal will appear where you can choose to show or hide the Global Navigation bar. If you choose to show it, you can use default navigation which uses the site structure by default, add external links, or a custom navigation. 

If you use the default and need to reorder the options, you can do this from the Admin Navigation dropdown by clicking and dragging within your site structure.

To learn more about the site structure, click here.

To build custom navigation, select the “+ Create Custom Navigation” option from the dropdown.

Then, add items by clicking the “add menu items” button. 

This will allow you to select any items from your site structure plus any external links you may have added in the previous modal. 

To create a dropdown, click + "Add a menu item," and then select "Folder." Add any Maestro Pages or Channels to your folder to create the dropdown. Please note that you cannot add third-party links to folders.

Once you’re complete, click “Apply Navigation” to set it on the Page or Channel you’re editing. 

If necessary, you can Duplicate, Rename, or Delete any custom Navigation tools that you build by clicking the three dots to the right of their name in the Navigation Select dropdown.

When you duplicate a Page or Live Channel, they will also duplicate the navigation set on those Pages/Channels. 

Finally, on mobile, your end-users will see a list showing the navigation options. They can also search for a menu item based on what is available per channel.

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