Tiered Pricing


Tiered pricing is a creative way to encourage users to purchase early! Follow the steps below to set up tiered pricing for your event. 

  • Step 1: Create multiple entitlements at varying prices
  • Step 2: Add each entitlement to the channel gate
  • Step 3: Monitor the tickets sold per entitlement via the Revenue dashboard
      • Revenue dashboard can be found in the admin bar 
  • Step 4: When the ticket limit for the entitlement(s) has been reached, go to the gate and toggle the visibility of that entitlement OFF (located under Event time). 
  • Step 5: Don't forget to click Save and Publish in the top left of your channel settings page 

This will still allow users who purchased that entitlement to access the channel, however it won't allow new users to come in and purchase at that price as it won't be visible.