How to Set Up Tiered Pricing

Learn how to set up tiered pricing for your paywalls on Maestro.

Tiered pricing is a creative way to encourage users to purchase early. Follow the steps below to set up tiered pricing for your video content. 

  1. Create multiple tickets or subscriptions at varying prices
  2. Add each ticket or subscription to the channel gate
  3. Monitor the tickets and subscriptions sold via the earnings dashboard located under "Analytics" in the admin bar
  4. When the purchase limit for the ticket or subscription has been reached, go to the gate and toggle the visibility "Off" (located under Event Time)
  5. Click "Publish"

This will still allow users who purchased that particular ticket or subscription to access the channel. However, it won't allow new users to purchase at that same introductory price, as the option to do so will no longer be visible.

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