Updating Channel Settings

Each page has a unique slug, navigation image, SEO, and log in gate. Navigating to 'Settings' allows you to customize the information on each page. 


The slug is the unique address of a specific web page. For example, if one of your channels is named 'Live', you can change the slug to reflect that. The result will look like the following: https://www.yourdomain.com/home-page

Channel Navigation Image

The channel navigation image will appear in the channel navigation, as an icon rather than just text. The video below demonstrates how to add a navigation image.


SEO is the search engine optimization. Each channel has an individual SEO that affects the online visibility of your Maestro hub, and more specifically, the channels. You should add a description, image, and keywords to increase the search visibility of your content.


A gate requires that users log in, enter a password, enter an access code or purchase a ticket in order to access the channel.