Understanding the Community Dashboard

Learn the basics of the Community dashboard on Maestro.

The Community Dashboard is where you can see data on all users that have created an account on your Maestro Site. In the Dashboard, you have the ability to do the following:

Search for a user

Search for a specific user by inputting either their name or email address by using the search bar.

View a user's profile

Click a User's Name to open their profile. In their User Profile, you can see their name, what service they use to log-in, view/edit their role, and see their unique user ID. 

Note: natively, unique user IDs on Maestro are email addresses. If your site is utilizing a third-party Oauth integration, this may be different.

You can also see what tickets or subscriptions users have purchased, grant tickets or subscriptions, remove entitlements, and issue refunds for both tickets and subscriptions. 

Filter users by entitlement 

Export user lists

From the Community Dashboard, you can export your user list for any reporting or marketing needed, just use the button at the top left of the page.

    You can use the data in the Community Dash to get to know your audience better and make more informed decisions for your video business.